On October 6 and 7, Saturday and Sunday, the first exhibition of LEGO enthusiasts will take place in Gata de Gorgos. This exhibition, that comes from the hand of the Valbrick Association, will be open Saturday all day and Sunday until 2 pm, so that all LEGO fans who want to get closer to Gata can enjoy it.

The theme chosen for this exhibition is “Trains and Houses”, in fact we will have more than 10 train machines and more than 50 wagons. The number of pieces to be used will exceed 50,000 and the assembly of the exhibition will begin on Friday 5 to be ready on Saturday at the first hour.

In addition to the exhibition of these LEGO constructions, we will also have several free workshops such as “Ruedas Locas”, “Briconsejos” and a guided tour, as well as other workshops that will be paid, such as “fast construction”, ” Look for the intruder “and” guess the pieces. ”

A unique opportunity to see the Marina Alta, in Gata de Gorgos in particular a macro exhibition LEGO and a surprising setting that will please all the kids.

The place chosen for the event is the Espai Jove of the Town Hall building. In addition, it is also a good day to visit the village because the Fira Gata al Carrer offers everything for the whole family.

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To know more about the exhibition you can visit the pages of Valbrick:



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